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Bloggers United: The Fashion Blogger Workshop

Can’t get enough of BU5?

Right after the bloggers bazaar, Bloggers United, together with SMX Convention Center’s Great Luxe Sale, will be holding The Fashion Blogger, the team’s very first seminar/workshop on fashion, photography, and blogging!

Meet and learn from fashion bloggers Camille Co, David Guison, Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, and Lissa Kahayon on June 2, Sunday, from 1-5pm, at the SMX Meeting Rooms 4-6. BU organizers Aisa Ipac and Ana Gonzales will also be giving a talk on uncluttering your closets, styling tips, and fashion writing. Tickets are available for P400 in all SM Cinemas nationwide, and during Bloggers United 5.

First 200 participants will receive special gift bags from our sponsors! Tons of prizes await!

We hope to see you there!

For more information and updates, follow Bloggers United:

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Official Hashtag: #BU5

Daily Shenanigans

Surprise David!

As I mentioned on my last post, Bloggers United 3 is super memorable and up to now I’m still kilig to the nth level. But why? What happened?

The night before BU3, I was stuck in C5 traffic. Since I got so much time to kill, I started daydreaming of what could happen “tomorrow” at the event. What strucked me the most is that I’ll be meeting David Guison again!

I’ve been always an avid reader of his blog and well I’m not ashamed of the fact that I have a HUGE crush on him :>

Back to the story. After all the daydreaming, I thought of giving him a letter to show my appreciation for his hard work. I was already conceptualizing  on the content of my letter ’til I thought of a much better idea.

Photo by David Guison

TADA! I made my letter extra special by making all the words rhyme at the end of each phrase. So yeah, It’s basically a poem. HAHA! I put together this letter while I was at work (The day of BU3). Good thing though because I finished early with my pending projects in the office.

When I arrived at BU3, my heart was pounding so hard. I was super bummed when I didn’t saw him in his booth. I also heard that he already left. I remained calm and just walked inside the venue until … I saw him!

Sobrang nahiya akong lumapit. Good thing because my friends, RJ, Tin and Kido, went with me to his booth. Tin even gave a short introduction. Haha! Thanks ulit Tin!


Kilig to the bones when he smiled and laughed while reading my letter/poem!

David: ‘Di mo na nga ako tini-tweet eh.

Me: Uy, hindi ah. Nagti-tweet ako lagi kaso hindi mo nakikita.

Thank you for the hugs! I hope you liked my letter and sana itago mo siya. If you’re feeling down, basahin mo lang yun. Feeling ko maG-GV ka ulit.

Crash Bandicoot ah? LOLJK. Will tweet you soon! :-P


Bloggers United 2

Last December 3, I went to Bloggers United 2 at Treston International College with Ica and her blockmates. If I’m not mistaken, I arrived BU2 at 6pm. I was supposed to go there during lunchtime but my blockmates couldn’t come anymore so I just waited for Ica and her blockies.

The first thing I said when I arrived at Treston College: “Ang ganda ng campus nila!” but when I saw their gym “Wow! Parang yung sa Highschool Musical.

See? I told you so! 

While I was waiting for Ica to arrive , I went around the booths and boy! I was super starstrucked when I saw my favorite fashion bloggers. I was supposed to ask some of them for a picture but I got shy. (Huhu! Sayang!) Plus. I got to hang with Ms. Ana Gonzales kahit sandali lang. (Thank you for putting me on the guestlist!) Sayang kasi we don’t have a picture together. :(

I forgot what game they’re playing here.

My forever gorgeous and one of my favorite fashion blogger, Vern Enciso, during one game together with the hosts and also fashion bloggers, Melai Entuna and Gelo Arucan. I also heard that Gelo Arucan’s sister asked Bjorn Bedayo to her prom (Oooohh! I wish I was there when it happened.)

And finally! The moment that I’ve been waiting for! To meet, talk and have a picture with THE David Guison. I’m such a huge fan and follower of his blog!  But, there’s a story behind this picture. (Haha!)
I was with Kevin (Ica’s blockmate) and we we’re standing just a few steps away David’s booth. I said to him: “OMG! Si David Guison!”
then he said: “Dali! Lapitan mo na and magpapicture ka!” But, when we’re already standing near her I couldn’t speak anymore. Good thing because Kevin asked David if I could take a picture with him. (Woo-Hoo! Success!) After the picture I said to David “Hello! Ako si ‘yananadc’ sa Twitter” then he said “Yeah! I remember you! Finally! *smiled*” #kiligtothebones
One unforgettable twitter moment is when I tweeted him “Kailan ko kaya makikilala si @davidguison?” and he tweeted back (I couldn’t remember the exact tweet) “Soon.” BU2 made it happen! So happy! 
There was this contest where the hosts asked the audience  to bring the oldest phone they own. Kevin joined this game and won a new phone! Haha! Nice one!
After Bloggers United 2, we went to Market! Market! where we totally went gaga over NBS Book Sale then off to High street to eat dinner at Pancake House!

Hello guys! *waves*

Ica and me ♥

Hahaha! Cute ♥

Group shot! We’re almost complete here (Mike is taking the photo and Kevin is missing. Haha!)
BTW, here’s what I bought at BU2! 4 pairs of shoes from Shoe Etiquette. I was supposed to buy the gold and silver oxfords but they gave me a huge discount that I was able to buy 2 more pairs. Love love! Thank you~
Congratulations to Ana Gonzales of the Fashionista commuter, Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums, and Melai Entuna of Style and Soul for organizing BU2! Can’t wait for BU3!