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Daily Shenanigans

Surprise David!

As I mentioned on my last post, Bloggers United 3 is super memorable and up to now I’m still kilig to the nth level. But why? What happened?

The night before BU3, I was stuck in C5 traffic. Since I got so much time to kill, I started daydreaming of what could happen “tomorrow” at the event. What strucked me the most is that I’ll be meeting David Guison again!

I’ve been always an avid reader of his blog and well I’m not ashamed of the fact that I have a HUGE crush on him :>

Back to the story. After all the daydreaming, I thought of giving him a letter to show my appreciation for his hard work. I was already conceptualizing  on the content of my letter ’til I thought of a much better idea.

Photo by David Guison

TADA! I made my letter extra special by making all the words rhyme at the end of each phrase. So yeah, It’s basically a poem. HAHA! I put together this letter while I was at work (The day of BU3). Good thing though because I finished early with my pending projects in the office.

When I arrived at BU3, my heart was pounding so hard. I was super bummed when I didn’t saw him in his booth. I also heard that he already left. I remained calm and just walked inside the venue until … I saw him!

Sobrang nahiya akong lumapit. Good thing because my friends, RJ, Tin and Kido, went with me to his booth. Tin even gave a short introduction. Haha! Thanks ulit Tin!


Kilig to the bones when he smiled and laughed while reading my letter/poem!

David: ‘Di mo na nga ako tini-tweet eh.

Me: Uy, hindi ah. Nagti-tweet ako lagi kaso hindi mo nakikita.

Thank you for the hugs! I hope you liked my letter and sana itago mo siya. If you’re feeling down, basahin mo lang yun. Feeling ko maG-GV ka ulit.

Crash Bandicoot ah? LOLJK. Will tweet you soon! :-P


Bloggers United 3!

Last June 2, I went to the most awaited Bloggers United 3 with Kido. This has got to be the most memorable and kilig event that I’ve ever gone to. Haha! Will tell you why in a bit.

BU3 was held at the Grand View Events Place in Makati. Good thing too because its near my office lang but I had to take a cab kasi it was raining. Nag-undertime pa ako sa work just to go (Hihi!)

Ok, time to let the pictures do the talking. This is going to be a very long post! Brace yourselves!


My friend, RJ with Tin

I also met new friends!


Kido with Leumee and Therese; Leumee and Therese with David and Lissa


 Trying out the cutie patootie hat! Makes me think of Madeline!

With Anastasia Siantar of Brown Platform! I can’t believe that I got this close to her. I love her to bits!

With my favorite bloggers, The Plump Pinay!!! We look like sisters ♥ Don’t you think so?


Leumee and Therese with Paul Jatayna and Laureen Uy

With Kido and Therese


Doing the “sakit ulo” and “sakit tyan” pose; Kidoooooo!

With one of my favorites, Cheyser Pedregosa!

With Tin Iglesias

BTW, thank you for helping me with my cheesy project that day! Haha!

Friends with David

With Robbie. We talked about photography! Super friendly and nice! :-)

Kido with Paul

Goodies from BU3!

I’m so happy that I’m part of the BU team and I can’t wait for the next one! For sure, It’s more awesome and more bongga!

BUT WAIT! Where’s my picture with David? Hihi. Wait for my next post. Haha! Cheesy to the nth level!



Neon Doodles

Long overdue OTD post. So, this is what I wore to the Bloggers United 3.

Since I came from the office, I opted for a simple and comfortable yet “striking” outfit.

I’m currently obsessed with clothes with busy prints, neon and STUDS that explains the ensemble I came up with. From orange skinny pants and black ballet flats to this printed shorts and this Neon Sari strappy sandals (My favorite sandals right now!) plus some accesories.

Anyhoo, stay tuned for my next entries: Bloggers United 3 Experience, Shoegasm, and many more.