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New in: Shoes

It’s been awhile since I last shared a shoephoria haul with you guys! I’ve been saving these babies for over a month now. Good thing because my blogging mojo is back and I have tons of NEW entries waiting in line just for you!

Let’s start, shall we?

I first saw these sneakers on Primadonna’s Facebook Page, I had to get it right away. You see, I don’t have “basic” colored sneakers. Sorry na, I love bold and colored sneakers, ok? Now, I’m saving for a white, black, gray and red pair of Converse. Plus, I had to get these for my upcoming Wanderlust trip. Guess where I’m going?

Ever since those Zara studded sandals came out, I’ve been on a look-out for a cheaper version every time I go out or check online. I almost bought a similar pair for 1599php at Janilyn but good thing I saw this at SM Parisian and it’s only 799php! Thank the shoe gods for Parisian! 

Do you have to ask? You know I love anything neon and with spikes. Combine them together and it’ll be a no brainer for me. I got these Madrid sandals from Primaluxe Manila. I was planning to get the blue pair as well but I had to choose 1 #YanaProblems

Last month, Me and my officemates went to I’m Shoe In Love 2013! It was literally shoe heaven!!! If only I have unlimited cash, I would’ve bought everything! So, here’s what I bought:

Dwire Sandals from Trunk Show. I literally saw these when I first walked in the venue. Isn’t it pretty? I had to choose this over the leopard one because I think I’ll use this more often. I was about to buy both pairs but I had to limit myself. #YanaProblemsAgain

Another great find at the bazaar! I’ve been eye-ing these sandals from Tribute Shoes ever since they came out. The original price of these babies is 1545php each but during the bazaar it’s 2 for 1200!!! What a steal! Wish I bought Venice flats in blue and purple. I have they have an online sale soon!

So, What’s your favorite pair among the bunch?


New in: Studs and Spikes

A girl can never have too many shoes.

(From L-R: Chrissie Sandals from Primaluxe Manila, Spiked Pointy Loafers from Keysas and Lillian Sandals from Tonic)

If you combine studs/spikes and shoes, I would buy them as soon as I lay my eyes on it. Well, it depends pala. The design must be “to die for” before everything else. That’s what I felt when I saw these babies online. I just have to buy them ASAP since stocks run out so fast. And … since my shoe lust is super powerful, I’m still saving up for more pairs. Sorry naaaa! Can’t wait to wear these babies and stab some bad guys (Jooooke!)

Anyhoo, do check their online shops if you want to buy these babies. You better hurry!

BTW, more posts to come (Backlogs, why?!) so stay tuned!


New in: Celine Flats

If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!

You all know that I’m a shoe magpie! I usually buy a certain style in all colors (Since I couldn’t decide what to get). I really consider the outfits that would go with them, so I guess it’s fine. Bugged a few officemates but in the end I bought both colors.

Primaluxe Manila Celine Flats

 Celine Flats from Primaluxe Manila

Black for a more classy look (You could also use this in the office!)

Blue to add a pop of color to your outfit!

I just love everything with studs! Who doesn’t?

Anyhoo, hope you like them as much as I do!