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TransMORTers Victory Party!

Yesterday, I went to the TransMORTers’ Victory Party with all the Mort babies at Banapple Tomas Morato. Unforturnately, we’re not complete because others couldn’t come to the party. Nevertheless, the party was a success and it’ll be one of the things that I’ll remember after college.

I know, I know. What is the TransMORTers? To cut a long story short, we’re a group of thesis students and our adviser is Ma’am Mortel hence the name: TransMORTers: Mort than meets the eye. Basically before the academic year started, she asked us for a quirky group name and tadaaaa!

Lately, I’ve been loving pastel colors which explains the output for this announcement/poster.

Have you seen the newly renovated Banapple in Tomas Morato? When I found out about this plus their new function room called the “Pink room“, I told myself that this would be the perfect venue for our party plus it’s super affordable too.

I super love the interiors! Makes me want to redecorate my room just like the Pink room.

Very dainty~

My fellow TransMORTers

Yummy treats for our tummies~ Banoffee Pie and Smoothie OVERLOAD!

Our guest of honor! We literally gave a standing ovation when Ma’am Mort arrived.

During our “consultation” / heart-to-heart with Ma’am Mort ♥

I’m super happy and thankful because we got to know more about Ma’am Mort. We have learned so many things from the stories and experiences she shared. I’ll always remember this line: “You fear what you don’t understand.” because it opened my eyes to what’s happening now and what I’ve been through in the past. KUDOS! ♥

Pretty Ina ♥

Fionna and Althea (Sorry for the blurred shot T^T )

HAHA! Banoffee pie~

Sandraaa ♥

We’ll always be MORTbabies!

Last photo-op before we called it a night.

{ Sheer Top: Maldita | Necklace, inner top and leggings: Bazaar | Luggage Bag: ITdesigner Lab | Leopard Loafers: Posh Pocket Shoes | Watch: Jeremy Scott x Swatch }

To my lovely thesis adviser and 2nd mom, Thank you so much for everything! I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and patience. I’m forever grateful and I won’t forget everything that you taught and shared with us. ♥

You know where to find me.

Photo credits: Thank you Mimi Miaco and Ina Datuin for the photos!


When it’s over

I can’t believe that I’m almost done with school. 16 years of my life. I never knew that I would go through and finish my thesis in just a snap. I’m so thankful to God for everything! Even though I didn’t make it to the cut as a cum laude and didn’t receive a flat 1.0 or be honored with the best thesis/for exhibit award on my thesis, I know that God has bigger plans for me and I know I did my best.

After my last FINALS weeks, I had the chance to catch up and bond with my blockmates (Still not enough though.) I can’t imagine what my college life would be if it wasn’t for them.

First batch of our last class picture. We’re not complete tho.

Second batch. Still not complete. HAHA!

I love these people to bits!

We attempted to fly a wishing lantern in school grounds. But the security guard caught us and destroyed our lantern (Not to mention this special moment.)

My second block, 4 AD-1. Akala ko na hindi ko sila magiging ka-close, eh mali pala. I love you guys too!

There’s so many things that’ll I miss in school and more importantly in college . Syempre, the allowance from my parents, The question that bothered us since first year: “Saan tayo kakain?“, Non-stop laugh trips and pranks with my blockmates, The sleepovers and the Havayana’s parties, PASKUHAN, The fireworks, Nerve-wracking quizzes, Endless plates from professors, Sleep deprivation because of plates and many more! If I write all of them here, this space wouldn’t be enough. Believe me.

I know that my memories of college won’t fade and I’ll bring it with me ’til the last day of my life. ‘Tis is where I gained and lost friends but I kept my true friends with me, where I learned how to be independent, where I fell in love with my best friend but didn’t work out, where I honed my skills that’ll carry in the real world and so on :’-)

My graduation would be on the 26th and it’ll also be the last time I’ll see my whole batch together in one venue. I promised myself that I won’t cry. I’ll surely miss this. Thank you the experience, memories and the adventure 3 AD-1, 4 AD-1, UST-CFAD Batch 2012, my CFAD Professors, Ma’am Mortel, Sir Nacario, Ma’am Gigi, Ma’am Claustro and Sir Quinabo. Thank you!

Inspiration School


The evolution of my graduation pictures ♥ Finally, I could proudly post this for the whole world!

Last Tuesday was my Thesis Defense day! My Judgment day! Everything went smoothly thanks to my family, friends and blockmates who helped and supported me  on that day. You know who you are!  ♥  I didn’t get a flat UNO grade or  one of the ‘best thesis’ or have my thesis on the exhibit but at least I know in my heart that I did my best and that’s enough for me.

March 2012, HERE I COME!