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Monday Vibes

Monday Vibes

Monday Vibes: Safe & Sound

It’s Monday again and here’s another song for you!


The song for the week and my current LSS is Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars. I first heard this song during my recent trip to Tagaytay with my blockmates and batchmates (Yes, I’ll blog about it soon.); Well, this song has been stuck in my head ever since. Little did I know that its one of the soundtrack of The Hunger Games (na hindi ko pa din napapanood — I’M SO LAME.). I want to read to book before I watch it. But I’m hearing nothing but good feedback from those who’ve watched it and that made me so excited.

I just love the song. It’s very calming and well … I get very emotional whenever I play this. I don’t know why. Plus, Taylor Swift looks stunning in the video with just natural make-up. Girl crush to the nth level!

There you go! I hope you like the song and may you have a good week! :-)

P.S. Sorry for being MIA for the past few weeks. Got busy with job applications and interviews. I promise to make-up for it.

Monday Vibes

Monday Vibes: Drunk

I was supposed to post this last night but I dozed off after the most memorable day of my entire life. Yeah, It was my graduation yesterday! I’ll post an entry about it soon. I’m still hyped about it ’til now. So, here’s another Monday Vibes song for you – Drunk by Ed Sheeran. I just love him. His songs, quirky videos and of course him. Hehe. Watch the video and fall in love with the CAT! HAHA! SERIOUSLY!


I’ll be going to the post office in awhile to claim my package (Kanino kaya galing?). I received the notice awhile ago and I’m super excited to get it.

I hope you like the song! Have an awesome week! God bless!

Monday Vibes

Monday Vibes: Lego House

So, I’m starting a new “segment” in my blog wherein I’ll post my current LSS (Last Song Syndrome) for the week. I hope you like and enjoy the music as much as I do!  The first song I’ll share to you is Lego House by Ed Sheeran. It has been my current LSS ever since my block mate shared the video two weeks ago. Well, I could somewhat relate to the songs’ lyrics. Hehe. The protagonist on the music video made me love the song more … Bloody Hell, It’s RUPERT GRINT! *melts*


Awesome song and music video, right?

I’m out of touch, I’m out of love
I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down
and out of all these things I’ve done
I think I love you better now

Must sleep now ’tis our graduation practice later. I hope you have an awesome week! Keep safe!

BTW, I’m having a closet sale! Check it out here or you could click the link at my sidebar! Will upload more soon. I still have rummage deeper in my closet for more stuff.