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STYLE BOARD: Modern Twiggy

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I last posted a ‘personal’ entry. So, where have I been for the first 6 months of 2014? Well, I owe you guys Wanderlust posts because I’ve done tons of traveling! Oh yeah,Closet updates and #plumplove OOTDs too! I promise to make up for it and hopefully I could keep up for until the end of the year. Pero grabe lang ‘no? Ang bilis ng panahon.

Starting this month, Chasing Euphoria will have a new “segment” on my blog called STYLE BOARD. I’ll be sharing with you guys weekly tips and style inspirations for all the plumpies out there (Holla!) Awesome diba?

Modern Twiggy


The first Style Board I have for you is called the Modern Twiggy featuring this dress from Modcloth. Did you guys know that Modcloth have plus sizes now? I just checked their collection a few days ago and I’m really impressed! I’ve seen other online brands that have plus sizes but most of them are outdated and not flattering. It’s really a hit or miss. So I’m really happy with Modcloth’s plus size clothes! You guys should really check it out: here

What’s the inspiration behind this look? Twiggy. I just love her style and quirky personality. Who doesn’t, right? During the 60’s, it’s more of crisp cuts, bold colors and prints. So when I saw this dress, it really reminded me of her … a modern Twiggy. Since the dress is a bit edgy and I toned it down with more dainty & modern pieces for balance.

Tip#1: When you have a black main piece, don’t be afraid to add color! For this ensemble, I chose nude and gold for a more subtle and polished look because I really want to highlight the dress.

Tip#2: Add quirky statement pieces to your outfit. I added this super cute Betsey Johnson bag and cat ring to the ensemble.  When putting together your outfit, you don’t have to be limited with for example only girly accesories because that’ll be too boring.

Tip#3: Don’t forget about your hair and face. Red Lips + Cat Eyes will go a long way! Trust me!

I wanna hear from you guys! How do you dress up that Little Black Dress?

Art Inspiration Wanderlust

Wanderlust: BenCab Museum

ART has been a part of our family ever since I could remember. It started with my grandfather and my uncle who were talented painters and animators three decades ago (or even longer). Me and my brother were exposed to art and learned how to appreciate all kinds of art when we’re still little. I could distinctly remember watching my lolo paint on his table and see every detail/stroke he makes. I promised myself that I’ll do what it takes to be as good as them or even better when I grow up.

Imagine how ecstatic I am when we visited the BenCab Museum last June. I missed my lolo when I saw the museum. I bet he’d love to go here if he’s still with us. And promised on my previous post, here it is folks!

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7 Gift Ideas for Dads

14 days ’til Christmas! Are you guys excited? BTW, I’m going to share 7 gift ideas for your Dads (If you still haven’t bought them anything yet.)

Absolutely everyone says that men are so hard to buy for! You can choose something quite easily for a little boy; when they become teenager’s gift choices become more difficult, and Dads are nearly impossible to buy for! Dads have a habit of not voicing their likes and dislikes, so it is often easy to become stuck for ideas.

If your Dad thinks he’s an action man, why not give a gift voucher for a V8 supercar ride, skydiving, shark diving, a hot air balloon or helicopter ride or rally driving. There are numerous other choices for your Dad to enjoy the ultimate thrill.

The way to melt a Dad’s heart is to make him a card to go along with your handmade gift. Little ones love giving drawings of themselves with Daddy, pasta picture frames or ornamental clay moulded sculptures. Dads will treasure them all.

If your Dad works in a physically demanding job, he would greatly appreciate some rest and relaxation, so why not consider a well-deserved massage voucher or a round of golf? Perhaps Dad likes to be creative in the kitchen and finds this a form of relaxation. If so, a specialist cooking class would be an ideal present. Another great way for Dad to relax is with movie or theatre tickets.

If your Dad is a footy fanatic or a keen follower of the motorcycle racing circuit or UFC, many teams produce a huge range of memorabilia. From caps to scarves, t-shirts to hoodies, there is always something emblazoned with his favoured team logo on it. Coach, player or team member biographies also make interesting and informative reading.

If your Dad is trapped in a time warp or considers himself a wanna be rock star, buy him a t-shirt with his favourite band on it. All bands have their own websites selling a range of merchandise which you cannot purchase in the shops. Watch out for new release CDs as well. You could also purchase tickets to a live concert touring in the future.

For a luxury present, why not a drive in a Ferrari? Perhaps a weekend in a 6 star motel with fine dining would be a better option, or a corporate box to watch his favourite sporting team. You could also consider a package ranging from 2 to 4 days to watch his favourite annual sporting event.

If your Dad loves the latest gadgets, see what is available. Technology literally jumps ahead in leaps and bounds and there is always something new on the market. Even his favourite iPod, phone or headphones will become superseded quickly, so now might be the time to update them.

If all else fails, you could always fall back on the reliable socks and pajamas! Dads will love whatever you buy them. Other choices are their favourite chocolates or drinks, photo gifts with pictures of their loved ones, pets or hobbies. Try to learn a little bit more about your Dad. Does he like fishing, four wheel driving or playing tennis? Dads are often time poor, so I’m sure it wouldn’t matter if the only thing you gave him was to spend some time with him.

How I wish my Dad’s still here with us (It’s been a month since he passed away). I miss him so much.

(Will source photo links later)