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Fashion Finds

Bling it on!

It was during high school when I first laid my eyes on Swarovski accessories. I could distinctly remember that It was during the preps of my 13th “debut-like” birthday party and my mom gave me a set to wear on my special day. It was the perfect thing to complete my ensemble since it made me shine (Literally!) throughout the night. Mine was a Swarovski encrusted necklace with an orange pendant. Of course, It came with dangling earrings and a dainty bracelet. You’ll feel like a princess when you wear them. Well, I did.

Who could resist its beauty?

Until now, I still opt to wear them especially those fashion earrings with Swarovski elements on special occasions. With all the designs and colors out in the market today, you could mix and match to any occasion or outfit. It is a timeless piece because it would never go out of style and it never fades. For me, Swarovski earrings would be THE statement piece to any outfit. From weddings to your girls night out. You could even wear it to your date night. Anything goes.

So if you want to stand out and be stylish, try and flaunt with these Swarovski earrings!


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Impulse Co. Baby ♥

I love bags! I have 2 coat racks and half  of my bookshelf filled with bags. 11 of those bags is from Impulse Co. ♥

I found about Impulse Co through my favorite fashion bloggers (Kookie Buhain, Ava Te and Honey Andrade). I first fell inlove with the bags from the Lust for Leo collection (Those Semi-leopard bags~♥) and I knew that I had to get one of those bags before It’s too late — I got the last piece (See, It’s meant to be.) I’ve already blogged about it, but if you haven’t read it yet … you could check my post here.

Then, when Reesh released a collection of  Cambridge satchels (Which I’ve been eye-ing on for the longest time) … I couldn’t resist! I got myself a 15″ army green satchel, three 13″ ones (Tan, Black and Leopard print), and two 11″ red two-toned and purple two-toned satchels though Reesh gave me the purple one as a gift. Thank you again!

It’s also an honor that Ms. Reesh have trusted me to shoot two bag collections. Check them out here! And boy, as soon as it was posted almost all of the bags we’re already sold out! Galing!

 More power to Impulse Co. and I swear to be an Impulse Co. baby forever ♥