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Holiday Outfit Ideas with Farfetch

 It’s most wonderful time of the year~

Christmas has been my favorite season ever since I was little. Just seeing Christmas decors and hearing Christmas songs makes me happy. With only 34 days left, I know everyone’s excited and already planning for all the happenings next month.

So, I partnered with Farfetch to bring you guys outfit ideas for the upcoming holidays!

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Fashion Inspiration Style Board

STYLE BOARD: Modern Twiggy

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I last posted a ‘personal’ entry. So, where have I been for the first 6 months of 2014? Well, I owe you guys Wanderlust posts because I’ve done tons of traveling! Oh yeah,Closet updates and #plumplove OOTDs too! I promise to make up for it and hopefully I could keep up for until the end of the year. Pero grabe lang ‘no? Ang bilis ng panahon.

Starting this month, Chasing Euphoria will have a new “segment” on my blog called STYLE BOARD. I’ll be sharing with you guys weekly tips and style inspirations for all the plumpies out there (Holla!) Awesome diba?

Modern Twiggy


The first Style Board I have for you is called the Modern Twiggy featuring this dress from Modcloth. Did you guys know that Modcloth have plus sizes now? I just checked their collection a few days ago and I’m really impressed! I’ve seen other online brands that have plus sizes but most of them are outdated and not flattering. It’s really a hit or miss. So I’m really happy with Modcloth’s plus size clothes! You guys should really check it out: here

What’s the inspiration behind this look? Twiggy. I just love her style and quirky personality. Who doesn’t, right? During the 60’s, it’s more of crisp cuts, bold colors and prints. So when I saw this dress, it really reminded me of her … a modern Twiggy. Since the dress is a bit edgy and I toned it down with more dainty & modern pieces for balance.

Tip#1: When you have a black main piece, don’t be afraid to add color! For this ensemble, I chose nude and gold for a more subtle and polished look because I really want to highlight the dress.

Tip#2: Add quirky statement pieces to your outfit. I added this super cute Betsey Johnson bag and cat ring to the ensemble.  When putting together your outfit, you don’t have to be limited with for example only girly accesories because that’ll be too boring.

Tip#3: Don’t forget about your hair and face. Red Lips + Cat Eyes will go a long way! Trust me!

I wanna hear from you guys! How do you dress up that Little Black Dress?

Fashion Finds Wishlist

Shopbop Wishlist

Have you read my last post regarding my new baby? If not, click here! As you all know, I have a partnership with an online designer boutique called Shopbop! I’m still ecstatic because it is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever received with Chasing Euphoria!

I really enjoy browsing through the website and putting things in my ‘imaginary’ cart when I have free time. So just imagine all the things on my list. I’m going to share with you guys some of them and I’m sure you’ll like them as much as I do!

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