Currently: Week 6

Sige, let’s start fresh and forget about the __ months I missed. I should really revive my blog, don’t you think so?

Anyhoo, here’s this week’s Currently:

LISTENING: Young Again by Armi Millare

I discovered this song through a Filipino film I watched last November and I’ve been listening to it non-stop. Oh if you guys are curious, the film is Apocalypse Child starring Sid Lucero, Gwen Zamora, Ana Abad Santos, and many more.I suggest na panoodin niyo siya and though baka abangan niyo sa Cinema ’76.

READING: The Return of the Young Prince by A.G. Roemmers

If we’re close enough, you’d probably know that my favorite book of all time is The Little Prince. Just imagine my reaction when I saw this in Fully Booked.

Even though this book isn’t written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the consistency is there (even the illustrations). I’m almost half-way through the book but I could definitely say that the values and lessons are as heart piercing as The Little Prince.

CRAVING: Recovery Food’s  Tapa de Morning

Technically, I’m not nursing a hangover or whatsoever but I’ve been craving this for weeks now. I think I’m craving for tapa in general but for now, I really want the one from Recovery Food. Ugh.

WATCHING: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I’ve been seeing this series on Netflix since last year but I wasn’t really interested in watching it … not until I encountered this GIF with this caption:

“Waiting for client comments.”
Nakakaintriga kaya I decided to watch it over the holiday break. I don’t really like sitcoms but this one is an exception. Not only that it’s super funny but one of the protagonist’s love interest is KI HONG LEE! I literally squealed like a little girl when I saw him. Sobrang cutie pie!

Also, Tina Fey is one of the creators of the show. Kaya no surprise na nakakatawa siya.

WANTING: To travel alone

Actually, I’ve been wanting to travel alone for years now but mas lumakas lang yung urge (and the need) last year. I’m planning to start local muna then international na. Ika-nga nila, the best companion you can have is yourself. Not that I don’t want to travel with my friends but my introvert self would really love this. Soul-searching kumbaga. I just feel that it’ll be a good experience.

NEEDING: Life alignment

Okay, I celebrated my 25th birthday last Monday and to be frank I wasn’t really excited with the fact na quarter-life na ‘ko. I didn’t even celebrate it kasi wala lang. I just don’t feel like celebrating. Hehe.

A few days before my birthday, my overthinker-self was super active. I thought about the past, the present, and the future. Honestly, this is one of the reasons din kaya I want to travel alone kasi I think it’ll help me with my need for a life alignment.

Hindi din naman sa I’m having a quarter-life crisis but … I just need new goals or I guess a more focused life plan (Uyy, very serious. HAHA!) since I’m not getting any younger na.

FEELING: Scared and excited

As fireworks were painting the skies when we welcomed 2017, I already claimed that this will be my year. This year, I will really focus on myself. I will go out of my comfort zone and be braver. I won’t stand down until I reach my goal. I will use my time wisely and spend it more with my family.

The process is scary but I’m more excited for 2017! I think everyone should really be excited for this year.

That’s it, pancit! ‘Til the next post!

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