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My Top 3 Favorite Drinks

I’m always on the lookout for new (and good) restaurants around the metro and I always share them here or on my Instagram. I rarely feature drinks because it’s the first thing I finish, and I only a have few share-worthy ones.

With that said, now’s the perfect time to share with you guys my top 3 (healthy and indulgent) favorite drinks I enjoy whenever I’m out or just at home.


A few months ago, my mom started making fruit-infused water at home because she found out about its awesome benefits so she researched a lot of different recipes online.

At first, I was hesitant to try it because it might upset my tummy, but over time I got used to it (and also due to my Mom’s pangungulit). Out of all the concoctions she made, the Lemon-Mint-Cucumber water is my favorites. It really helps me to relieve stress from working at home because it’s super refreshing.

What’s great about fruit-infused water is that it’s packed with vitamins — that’s why I rarely get sick. Also, my tummy is always happy because it really helps my digestion.

I don’t know how or what triggered my love for green tea because I always go ga-ga whenever I see Matcha/Green Tea in menus. I share this obsession with one of my best friends, and my officemate. I could remember one night when my friends and I had dinner at Hole in the Wall. Even though we’re really full, we just had to get the Matcha Lava Cake from Green Cheese. It was soooo good!

For me, I consider green tea beverages a rare treat because there are only a few cafes and restaurants who serve them, and I only know a few who actually nailed them. Yes, only a few! In some cafés, either the sweetness tends to overpower the tea or it tastes so-so. I have tried almost every green tea beverage I could think of from the simple brewed ones to iced lattes and frappuccinos.

What I love about green tea is that it tastes fresh and light, it isn’t too sweet (not unless you put sugar or other sweeteners), and the benefits of drinking it is just amazing! Like it contains antioxidants, it increases metabolism, it helps regulate sugar and cholesterol levels, and many more.

Since I don’t drink coffee, my alternative is Milktea or Boba in some countries. I got hooked back in college with the influence of my best friends. With all the milk tea shops that opened (and are still open) around UST, who couldn’t resist to try them all! Not only it’s affordable, but it’s super yummy too.

Now, I drink milk tea occasionally (unlike before that I drink at least 1 large cup every day) whenever my officemates crave for it. We just reach for the phone and have them delivered in the office.

There are a few times when I brew and make milk tea at home. This way I satisfy my craving but at the same time I control the sugar in the drink.

Now, I could enjoy these three favorite drinks wherever I am because of Lock ‘n Lock’s Color Tumbler!

It is stainless steel with thermal insulation that’s why it’s perfect for both hot and cold drinks plus the tumbler keeps it that way longer unlike others that cools down your drink faster that you say ‘cool’. Oh, did I mention that it comes in different colors? I have the purple and blue one because purple is my favorite color. I have a generic tumbler in the office but now my new tumbler is so fasyon and I could easily put it inside my bag when I go home. I’m #LockedInLove with it!

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Hope you could share some of your favorite drinks with me down at the comments section and maybe I could try them too! That’s it pancit!

Visuals: Made by yours truly

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