Oxblood & Skulls

A few days ago, I went on a vacation with my officemates in the City of Pines. To be honest, I don’t mind the 5-hour drive to Baguio because the climate and scenery makes up for it! Who doesn’t love it right? Other than Tagaytay and other countries, it’s a perfect place to wear layers of clothes + boots without harsh and piercing looks from people.

On our second day in Baguio, we went to the BenCab Museum. It was my second time there and to be honest I was still ecstatic to see the museum since there are new galleries. As an artist, Art really comforts me and it inspires me more when it comes to my craft. I don’t get to do paintings as much compared to my college days so going to museums is the closest thing I could do for my creative mojo!

Skater Dress: Forever 21+ | Scarf: Cotton On | Boots: Urbanog

Since I knew that it’ll be cold during our stay in Baguio, I decided to wear a scarf + boots combination. I’ve had these boots since last year and as I mentioned awhile ago Baguio is one of the places where I could wear boots. This skater dress from Forever 21+ is one of my best buys this year (I have it in blue too!). The dress is so versatile! I could style it with denim vests, jackets, scarves and many more! I could dress it up with fabulous accessories or dress it down by wearing simple flats and a scarf. 

Did you know? During the last quarter of this year, my style shifted. I graduated from anything frilly and floral stuff. I’m into edgy and jewel tones now! You can see naman in my outfit. Anyhoo, that’s it! Hope you like my OOTD! Will post my backlogs starting tomorrow!

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Photos by: Jessica Maximo

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