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Mallzee App: Your Virtual Wardrobe

A few months ago, I introduced to guys the wonders of Mallzee (If you couldn’t remember, you could check that post here) – a one-stop shop where you could build your own virtual wardrobe from your favorite brands like Miss Selfridge, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and many more!

During London Fashion Week, Mallzee even made our lives better when they launched their very own app! It’s like a pocket wardrobe which you could access and buy anytime, anywhere!

Everyone’s different so why should every shopping experience be the same?

What I like about Mallzee is that they let you take a short quiz so that they’ll know your style and what you like! It’s super personalized just for you! So when you open the app, it shows you the things you’ll definitely like! You don’t even have to search through pages and pages of items you think is meh! But what happens if your style changes? They’re one step ahead because Mallzee keeps finding new and awesome styles for you based on what you’re loving right now! That’s just love right there!

Another thing I like about Mallzee is that it lets you build your own virtual wardrobe (without the mess!) of all the things you’re considering about getting. When payday comes, you could easily buy it without the hassle and the crowd!

Shopping is better with friends! Why? Mallzee lets you shop with your friends in real-time! You could easily share an item with them and ask for their opinion. You could also vote and recommend items that you think they’ll like!

Fashion elites and bloggers around the world are raving about it! You should too!

What are you waiting for? Download the Mallzee App now and join in the fun! You could download it in the Apple App Store for FREE!

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