Wanderlust: Hong Kong Disneyland

On our third day in Hong Kong we went to the Happiest Place on Earth … DISNEYLAND!

Just like the city, I never get tired of going to this place! You know, it makes you feel young again and the butterflies in your tummy when you hug your favorite characters! It’s just magical!

Brace yourselves! This’ll be a long entry filled with the magical world of Disney!

I tell you, one day in Disneyland is not enough. I wish we could’ve stayed longer or even another day in the park.

So from Tsim Sha Tsui, we rode the MTR to the Hong Kong station then to Sunny Bay.

To be honest, I got so excited because it was my first time to ride the MTR to Disneyland. Before, we used to ride a private coaster to go to the park and back to our hotel. Sobrang dali and bilis lang pala mag-commute from the city.

Seriously, I love the interiors of the Disney line. The plush blue seats, the gold character figurines, the Mickey-shaped windows and train handles! Sobrang cute lang!

Ahhhhh ♥ It’s good to be back! You don’t know how much I missed you! Yes, we took some “tourist” shots before we entered the park. Who doesn’t right?

We were about to enter when the hair color of this girl caught my attention! ANG GANDA! PEG na yan!

Since we went on a Monday, the park isn’t jam packed! Wuhoo! Our first was during holy week and our second was on Christmas kaya hello naman sa mga tao noon. Now, more rides for us!

The sun was scorching hot and I got a tan line to prove it! It was super worth it and better than rain, right?

See? Wala masyadong tao! I said to myself: “Yes, masasakyan ko na yung ibang rides ngayon!” (Yes, I would be able to ride the other attractions now!)

Our first stop was Tomorrowland!

We first rode the Orbitron! Another first. Unlike before, there weren’t any lines in this attraction.

Hello Mama bear! Why you so cute?

My brother, sister-in-law and nephew just at the back! I could distinctly hear my nephew’s laugh and excitement during the ride. It was super cute!

We rode Autopia after then off to Space Mountain! Oooohhh! I could ride this over and over again! I just love the speed and adrenaline rush after the ride!

After, we tried the Stitch Encounter (Sorry, I didn’t take pictures) I was so giddy about it because stitch talked to meeeeeeeeee!!! He was so cute and kulit! He even named a planet after me but then he accidentally disintegrated the planet into little pieces.

Then we decided to take a break and grab some lunch at the Starliner Diner.

My mom loves their burgers so we decided to eat here again. We we’re planning to eat somewhere new but she insisted this restaurant.

Even the food is cute! I know it’s rude to stare at your food but just look at that!

It was past 3PM when we left the diner. Since the parade will start at 3:30PM, we hurried to the Main Street to secure a place. Actually when we got there, there’s no crowd at all. We’re all shocked. Haha! Kaya from this day on, I’ll always go to Disneyland on a weekday.

The theme of the parade is Flights of Fantasy

Goosebumps when the parade started. Got teary eyed too!

I love the parade because the performers interacted with us and you could tell kung pinoy yung performer

The costumes and the floats is just superb! Nakakakilig lahat!

Hello mga kuyas!

And here comes the whole gang!!!

Hello there, Minnie Mouse!

Quirky Goofy!

Dashing Donald Duck!

And Dale the Chipmunk!

The next float was the Disney Princesses! I was actually impressed with the costumes! Just look at the detail on that gown!

The “Little Yana” in me came out when I saw the princesses *tears of joy*

Snow White!

And Princess Aurora. I didn’t had the chance to take photos of Cinderella and Belle.

Here’s the very festive float of Jungle Book!

Hello there Baloo!

Timon is chillin’ at the end of the float! I almost I missed him!


These cutie patootie butterflies caught my attention! Super cute to the nth level!

Oh why, hello Tinkerbell! Where’s Peter Pan?

The Toy Story float came after with Woody and Jessie leading!

Howdy! I was dying to shout: “Andy’s coming!” and see what he’ll do! I saw a post somewhere the net that he’ll fall down.

Buzz Lightyear – Girl Edition

Another successful and FUN parade! Another one please?

These cute lil’ kiddos walked at the end of the parade! Time to roam the park again!

Actually, we ran through the Main st. to reach the Golden Mickey Show since the next show is at 4:o0PM. The gates were about to close when we got to the entrance. Good thing because they still let us in!

Another first guys!

Since we’re the last ones to arrive at the show, the place was jam packed! Unfortunately, we sat at the back. But still, the show was super AWESOME!

Mulan is my one of my favorite Disney Films. I was singing along when they performed I’ll Make A Man Out Of You!

The Lilo & Stitch segment is super cool! Imagine jellyfishes dancing with the audience!

Ooooooohhhhh! I got teary eyed with this one! Guys! It’s Beauty and the Beast!!!

The set is just breathtaking! Just like in the movie!

I was super impressed and overjoyed after the show! Bravo to all the performers!

After the show, we rode the Mad Hatter Tea Cups ride since it was just beside the theatre then to the “It’s A Small World” ride! And again, there were no lines! SCORE!

This ride never fail to make me smile. It’s just too cute inside and festive!

Just look at those dolls! Aren’t they cute? :-)

Even these goats! Haha!

This is Africa, folks! Reminds me of Madagascar (Not even Disney) and Lion King! Don’t you think?


Some Disney characters have graced their presence inside! Spotted Woody, Jessie and Pocahontas!

Welcome to Asia! To be honest, the ride heightened my Wanderlust thirst! Hoping to travel around Asia before I hit 25 (I still have 3 years and 4 months left!) then Europe and USA.

Mabuhay! Philippine Dolls yo!

Japan (Hoping to travel to this awesome country soon!)

Paalam! It means Goodbye in Filipino/Tagalog.

This way to the new parts of Disneyland! The first one is …


Did you know? Toy Story Land is exclusive to ASIA! I’ve been a fan of the Toy Story movies ever since I could remember so I got pretty excited when I read about it! And well now, I experienced it for myself!

Toy Story Land is like a giant toy box! It’s as if I’m walking inside Andy’s room and I’m just a teeny tiny toy!

Too cute for words!

There are three new rides: RC Racer, Slinky Dog Spin and the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

We all rode the Slinky Dog Spin but me and my mom decided to skip the two new rides because … our feet was super tired. We just grabbed some FroYo while we waited for my brother, sister-in-law and my nephew.

The cup is just cute! Haha!

I wish I tried this ride but I blame my feet! Huuuuu! I’ll come back for you! I promise!

Our next stop was Mystic Point! If I’m not mistaken, these part of the park was under construction on our last HK trip (Dec. 2011)


We rode the Mystic Manor ride! I tell you guys! This is my new FAVORITE RIDE! Super awesomesauce talaga! You shouldn’t miss this when you go to HK Disneyland! I even want to buy everything inside the souvenir shop.

Second to the last stop of the day: Grizzly Gulch

We’re so bummed out when it started to rain. We didn’t had the chance to ride the new rollercoaster. I’ll definitely come back for it!

It’s like we went back to time or we’re inside a cartoon!

Don’t you think so?

The highlight of the day: THE FIREWORKS

Only Disneyland fireworks can make me cry like a little girl!

I’ve seen the show 3 times now and it never fails to make my cry. I was also thinking about my Dad. I wish he was still here to go to the park and see the fireworks again. I would do anything to see his smile again. I miss him so much!

The songs played during the show brought my childhood back. You know, it just touches your heart.

Oooohhh! I love this shot and the one below! Perfect silhouettes of Sleeping Beauty’s castle!

INSTAX shots of our day in Disneyland! Finally, I have a picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

That’s it! How you enjoyed my entry as much as I do! No brainer that I’ll go back to HK Disneyland!

BTW, this is the last Wanderlust post for our HK 2013 trip since I didn’t take pictures on our 4th and 5th day since it was our shopping day and our flight back home.

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