To the greatest man I know

It’s been almost a year since I last saw you. I would do and give anything to see your smile, to smell your pamada in the morning, to hear your corny jokes, to sit beside you in the car and to give you big bear hugs.

It’s funny how time just flew by. 20 years isn’t enough. You’re still young and I was too young when we lost you. You know, I’ve always imagined you walking me down the aisle on my wedding day, you and mom growing old together, and many many more memories together.  I never knew that our lives would change that afternoon. I never knew that we’ll lose you that quickly. If only I have the power to turn back time and do what it takes to change everything.

Just a year ago, we celebrated your 53rd birthday. It was a house party with a simple feast. All our closest friends and neighbors were there to celebrate your birthday. I could remember the smile on your face when you’re wishing on your candle. Hindi ko inakala na yun na yung last.

… And now, it isn’t the same. I know that we’ll get through this. Kahit malungkot ‘tong araw na ‘to, we’ll still celebrate your birthday. I can’t help but cry as I type this message for you. Kung nasaan ka man ngayon, we know that you’re in a better place. Flying with all the angels in heaven. Don’t cha worry, kakayanin naman namin kasi we know that you’re still here guiding and protecting us. I know that you’ll never ever leave us that’s why you’re the GREATEST man I know!

Happy 54th Birthday Dad! I love and miss you so much!