The BRGR: Burger Project

2 weeks ago, I met up with Ica and Franz for our “catching-up” dinner. I missed my girls so much! Our agenda for the night … BRGR: Burger Project. When Franz arrived zoomed to Maginhawa St., because the three of us were literally starving.

I first learned about Burger Project from my favorite fashion bloggers and I wanted to try it myself. I love burgers! Who doesn’t?

Time to order!!! Daming check nung akin. Hehe.

What I like about Burger Project is that you can customize your burger to your hearts desire. Plus, they have options for vegetarians too~

My date(s) for the night. Sorry for the blurred picture Franz. 50mm lens. T^T

They have Milkshakes too! I had to control myself.

Burger of the month! The “Cheat Day” BRGR! Sinful indeed!

Designer BRGRs! :D

Le me wants to try everything!

Bought Mozzarella sticks for the table. Super yummy!

Ica’s burger

Mushroom heaven! Franz’s burger

Dig in guys!

MINE! Double patty with bacon, eggs, lettuce and garlic sauce. Heavenly and sinful!

All gone! HAHA!

We literally talked the whole night. We should do this often guys! Then after our BIG dinner, we walked to Moonleaf for some milk tea. HAHA! It didn’t help our tummies. SRSLY.

If you want to try the awesome burgers at The BRGR: Burger Project, visit them at 122 Maginhawa St., Teachers Village, Quezon City. They’re open all week from 11am to 1am.

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