When it’s over

I can’t believe that I’m almost done with school. 16 years of my life. I never knew that I would go through and finish my thesis in just a snap. I’m so thankful to God for everything! Even though I didn’t make it to the cut as a cum laude and didn’t receive a flat 1.0 or be honored with the best thesis/for exhibit award on my thesis, I know that God has bigger plans for me and I know I did my best.

After my last FINALS weeks, I had the chance to catch up and bond with my blockmates (Still not enough though.) I can’t imagine what my college life would be if it wasn’t for them.

First batch of our last class picture. We’re not complete tho.

Second batch. Still not complete. HAHA!

I love these people to bits!

We attempted to fly a wishing lantern in school grounds. But the security guard caught us and destroyed our lantern (Not to mention this special moment.)

My second block, 4 AD-1. Akala ko na hindi ko sila magiging ka-close, eh mali pala. I love you guys too!

There’s so many things that’ll I miss in school and more importantly in college . Syempre, the allowance from my parents, The question that bothered us since first year: “Saan tayo kakain?“, Non-stop laugh trips and pranks with my blockmates, The sleepovers and the Havayana’s parties, PASKUHAN, The fireworks, Nerve-wracking quizzes, Endless plates from professors, Sleep deprivation because of plates and many more! If I write all of them here, this space wouldn’t be enough. Believe me.

I know that my memories of college won’t fade and I’ll bring it with me ’til the last day of my life. ‘Tis is where I gained and lost friends but I kept my true friends with me, where I learned how to be independent, where I fell in love with my best friend but didn’t work out, where I honed my skills that’ll carry in the real world and so on :’-)

My graduation would be on the 26th and it’ll also be the last time I’ll see my whole batch together in one venue. I promised myself that I won’t cry. I’ll surely miss this. Thank you the experience, memories and the adventure 3 AD-1, 4 AD-1, UST-CFAD Batch 2012, my CFAD Professors, Ma’am Mortel, Sir Nacario, Ma’am Gigi, Ma’am Claustro and Sir Quinabo. Thank you!

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