Shoephoria Shopping

New in: Accessories and Shoes

The mailman really loves me and brought me 3 packages this week! It makes me happy when I wake up and see package on my study table or when I go home from school. I’m like a little girl, seriously!

Package #1: Fabuleaux Atelier

My favorites: The first and third photo

Thank you, Blanca! ♥

Package #2: The Thriftaholic Shop + Shoe Etiquette

Yeah, the box is BIG!

Mandy wedges from Shoe Etiquette, Bamboo Oxfords and Wedges from The Thriftaholic Shop

Thank you, Ms. Denise! ♥

Package #3: Posh Pocket Shoes

Finally! After 91092318 years of searching for leopard loafers … This just arrived this morning! :-)

Super love the bag that comes with my loafers!

Ooooooohh~ Love at first sight!

See? I tried them right away! They’re soo purdy, right?

That’s all folks! Will post new entries tomorrow! Got to finish my schoolworks now. :-P

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