8 jours sont partis

What's in 8 days?

Honestly, I don’t want to look at my calendar anymore. No, it’s not about Valentines day but it’s the fact the I only have 8 days left until my thesis defense (And yes, It’s on the same day.)

It’s 4:50am and I’m still awake. I just can’t sleep thinking about it.

I’m just scared of what might happen on that day. I don’t know who my jury is and I’m pretty sure that they’re unpredictable. I still have a ton of things to do for my thesis but I know I’ll finish them in time. I know that I could pull off and defend my thesis proposal but what if I can’t. *dundundun*

I must think positively! HAHA! But how can I? I’m a pessimist ever since and I tend to over think almost everything.

But on a lighter note, I could pull the stake in my chest and party like there’s no tomorrow after my defense! Haha! The next countdown would be my graduation! My motivation for this is my parents, my whole family who’s always there to support me and be my cheerleaders in life.

Kaya ko ‘to! Kayang kaya ko ‘to! Isang tumbling nalang ‘to!

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