New in: Cheetah wedges

Last January 1, Shoe Etiquette welcomed the new year with a bang! They’ve released a new collection of super pretty shoes plus a SALE! 50% off on all the new shoes. Who could resist that offer?

I patiently waited ’til it was January 1 (since the sale is for 1 day only), so I could see the new shoes and order right away. Guess what I bought?

Then 2 days after, it finally arrived!

Imagine how excited I was when I saw this on my bed after school. Ang bilis diba? 

Tada! I got myself the Ramone Wedges! Super cute, right?

The heels is 4.5 inches high, but It’s super easy to walk in these babies and it’s comfortable too! I could imagine myself walking for hours. Kaya I love wedges eh!

I’m addicted to animal prints talaga!

Can’t wait to wear this out!

BTW, check out the other shoes from Shoe Etiquette’s new collection:

Mandy Wedges (I’m saving up for these!)

Bilson Peep-toe booties (Purchased this one during Bloggers United 2)

Kendra boots (Cute diba? Cowgirl ang peg!)

Sofia oxfords in Silver (Got this one too during BU2 + the gold one)

For more details, go and check Shoe Etiquette’s website :-)

So, what do you think of my new babies?

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