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Niche 501: Back to the 90s

“Before the X-Box, there was the S-Nes. Before the iPod, there was the Walkman. Before the DVD, there was the CD… and the floppy disk before that. Kurt Cobain was Beethoven reborn, as were the Eraserheads to The Beatles. And Britney Spears? She was hot… but so was Lisa Loeb (she still is, actually). Yep, that was the 90s.A simpler time for an elegant generation.”

Last night, I went to the opening of Niche 501: Back to the 90s, an Art exhibit showcasing masterpieces inspired by the pop culture of the 1990’s, at UVLA in Cubao X. As usual, I arrived late and missed the actual opening (Traffic sucks!)

The exhibit features the artworks by:

Annie Chen, Chris Casas, Paola Uy, Oko Francisco, Jeks Inanuran, Bry Aranda, Miko Abrina, Yza Brucelas, Maudie Villanueva, Bricx Dumas, Odin Sayson, Nika Uminga, E-kman Mariategue, Will Jolindon, Jobo Nacpil, Eko,  Jem, Gaz, Anton and Ron. (Sorry, I don’t know the surnames of the last 5 artists)

I’m so thankful that Tatie waited for me even though I arrived 1-hour late. She’s my date for the night ♥ (Hello Tatie~!)

Tatie with Brikko and Jeks

The first thing I said to myself when I saw their works: “OMG! Ang galing nila. As in grabe.”

And I couldn’t even make it to their level.

Bryan Aranda’s work. Ganda diba? (Sold na agad yan!)

This reminded me of my grandfather who used to work in ABS-CBN as an animator and artist. When I was little, I always see him work on paintings like this.

By Bricx Dumas

{Black Crop top from Aux Manila, White inner top and Shorts from a bazaar, Leopard Bag from Impulse Co., Black Gladiator Sandals from Forever 21}

Finally, a picture with Tatie 

with Jeks Inanuran. Check his portfolio to see his awesomeness.

Tatie and Anne

So If you guys are free and/or near Cubao X,  please do visit their exhibit. Don’t worry, it’ll be there until August 13. Go to the UVLA Store located at the Upstairs Unit 64A, Cubao Expo, General Romulo St. Araneta Center Cubao Q.C.

BTW, the pieces from the exhibit is for sale. (Some of the pieces are already sold na nga eh.) Ayos diba?

More power guys! \m/

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