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New In: FRENDS Taylor Headphones

Isn’t she beautiful? I’ve been lusting over these headphones ever since I saw them online. And now, I finally have them!

I was quite hesitant at first because of the $200 price tag plus I haven’t seen/tried the headphones in person. But when I found out that FRENDS is available on Shopbop, I literally freaked out! After contemplating and reading product reviews, I decided to get the Taylor headphones in Rose Gold. I acted fast too, because I knew that these babies will be sold out after a few days … and I was right!

The FRENDS Taylor Headphones has a jewelry inspired design. It’s made in genuine leather with hand crafted metal, memory foam ear cushions and a soft touch fabric cord. It also comes with a zippered leather carrying case so you could fold and store it whenever you travel.

When the package arrived, I was like a little giddy girl on Christmas morning! I tested the headphones right away and boy … the reviews were right.  The price tag is super worth it after all because the sound quality and material is just perfect! Super head turner whenever I use it. I’m so happy I got these! I highly recommend these headphones if you’re on the look-out for a new one.

So, what do you think about the headphones? Yay or Nay?

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  • MissApriil

    Oh my gosh!!! Where did you buy them hun? I saw these babies on Instagram and I knew it was love at first sight <3

    • I fell in love when I first saw them. I bought them from!

  • Gellie Abogado

    Geez, that pair of headphone is so pretty. Although I’m more of an earphone/plugs kinda girl, this would definitely make me change my mind LOL


    • Same here. I switched from earphones to headphones because of these babies!

  • It looks too girly for my taste, but as long as it has nice sounds, it’s fine. :)

    • Yup, the sound quality is awesome!

      They also have this in Black which looks more cooler than the Rose Gold ;-)

  • OMG!! I’ve been eye-ing for this too! kaso super mahal naamaaan :)) anyway, might check out shopbop soon :D

  • Those are very bling! :-)