Nivea Express Raid: Uniqlo

What would you do if you were given a chance to buy 24k worth of clothes for FREE? Well, I would go ga-ga for sure. But here’s the catch, you only have 60 seconds to run around and get the items you want!

Nivea Express Raid

THE CHALLENGE:  The person nearest to 24k will take home ALL the items in her bag! But if the raider’s items exceeds 24k, she’ll be disqualified.


uniqlo sm mall of asia

Our team is up early to facilitate the Express Raid. Believe me, I’m inggit to the nth level especially to the girl who won.


There’s so many awesome clothes and good deals! So, I have nothing to do but window shop because we couldn’t join even if we want to.

Nivea Express Hydration

Quick snapshot of the ladies before the raid

Raisa Mislang, Group Product Manager of Beiersdorf Singapore Pte. Ltd., giving the ladies a quick intro and peptalk before the raid.

The raiders were given 2 minutes to go around Uniqlo. You know, price check and scout for the clothes they want.

uniqlo sm mall of asia

Raiders! Are you ready? 3 … 2 … 1 … GO!

The ladies ran wildly around the store, grabbing as much clothes as they could. But since there’s a twist, the raiders had to strategize while running.

The twist: All the items they get must have a match (Top-Bottoms, must be stylish and/or color coordinated.). It should be a whole outfit.

And the winner is … *drumroll*

Love Joy! She got two baskets of pure happiness! While the other raiders got 2k GCs each. Not bad eh?

Congratulations ladies! Hope you had fun as much as we do! :-)

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  • waaah! i love uniqlo!! i wish i was the one who was doing the raid! :D nice event!!

  • hahaha, I just imagine all the running…trying to pick up the right clothes :)

  • eyahnism

    How I wish I was able to take the challenge too :)

  • wow congrats! even GC’s wud be good to me already haha this is such a great idea for unqlo!

  • This is so nice! Swerte ng winner. Although not bad na rin yung GCs!

  • Lucky! :) and I’m suree enjoy yan, sana may ganyan din akong experience :D

  • Janna Joshelle Parel

    OMGoshhhh! Ang lucky niya! :) I think express raids are really cool activities that I hope I can join in the future..

  • wow! Amazing… I envy the winner :( hahahahah

  • fifi leigh

    it looks like a shopping spree race. i think they had something similar on the reality show, Americas Next Top Model. it would be stressful trying to quickly find coordinated clothes and accessories, and still making it on time at the finish line.

  • I would love to join that! Haahaha! <3 Congrats to the ladies!

  • Oh gosh!!! Happiness! Those girls are super lucky, they get to raid the whole store. Though they may not all have won the 24k sworth of items, a 2k GC isn’t so bad as well!