New in: UP shoes

A few months ago, I was browsing through Anastasia Siantar‘s blog and have stumbled upon a pair of super purdy shoes. I couldn’t resist my shoegasm and just had to research on where she got them.

Behold, my Tree-Hi Leopard from UP shoes!

UP is the brainchild of Diana Rikasari and UP shoes is made by love in Indonesia. All of their shoes are made-to-order, to minimize waste and inventory costs. Believe me, it’s WORTH the wait! Got teary-eyed when the mailman delivered them at our house!

For every pair of UP shoes you purchase, IDR 5.000 goes directly to scholarship for low-income children. How cool is that?

Visit their website and shop now!

What do you think of my new babies?

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  • mcdgomez25

    Nice shoes! Is this a local or international store? Love their logo! <3

    • yanadelacruz

      Thank you! It’s made in Indonesia :-)

  • Wow! Killer shoes! <3 <3 <3

  • yaniconquistadora

    Stunning dear! Very stunning :) Wish I could bear to wear as high as that!