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Night Owl-ing

It’s 2:24am and I’m wide awake. I seriously need to restore my “original” body clock. Because during the 1st week of summer, my usual bedtime is 9:00pm and I wake up at 7:00am. But now, I sleep at 4am and wake up at 12nn. I have 5 days to straighten things up – My schedule, Re-format and upgrade my desktop computer and laptop, Clean my room, and more importantly my body clock.

Why you ask? Well, 5 days from now (June 6 to be exact) is the start of the LAST, HARDEST, MIND BOGGLING, and NERVE WRACKING year as a student. UST-CFAD Senior students will be doing their individual Theses with different topics, ideas and categories. Yep, you read it right – INDIVIDUAL. To be honest, I know that my game face is ready for this semester but I always have this feeling that I’m not and I’ll fail. Huhu. This stinks. And I’m even in the “hardest” category (That’s what some the upper class men told me)

I just need to motivate myself! Find an inspiration and graduate with flying colors. If I get through this year, I’m saying hello to Singapore, Bangkok and Beijing! (Boom Baby!)

I just to share with you guys the “some” of things I’ve been eye-ing on and most probably the things that’s next on my shopping list (I’ll just surprise you for the things I didn’t include here):

Anthology’s Shanghai in Silver

(Photo from Anthology shoes)

Toms Shoes in Red Canvas, Gray Canvas and Black Glitter

(Photos from Google)

I “sorta” already bought the babies from Toms because my cousin is currently in New York. Since I’m having a hard time looking for these colors in my size here in the Philippines, I asked her If she could buy these for me + The Advertising Concept Book I need for school.

How about you? Are you excited for this month of June? What’s next on your list?

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  • OMG! You’re taking Advertising Arts in USTe and this coming AY is your last year there. Good luck on your thesis ;> Having a thesis isn’t really easy :| I remember how I sacrificed a lot of things ‘cuz of that, esp when you’re a leader.

    I wanted to take up Advertising too, but I ended up taking Accountancy.

    I love the Silver shoes! :-bd

    • Thank you so much :-)

      Yes, I’m scared like hell for this AY. I’ve done mini-theses before but this one’s different.

  • First off, you don’t look boring, you’re cute and I’m not just saying that :)
    About the individual thesis thing, oh man that sucks. Well, just look on the brighter side, at least you won’t have to deal with any groupmates. Right? Haha!

    God bless! :)

    • Hello Happi! Thanks, dear. >:D< And yes, I couldn't agree more on the groupmate thing. :D

  • goodluck with the last year of college! and the thesis! I don’t know much about having thesis, because I haven’t started college yet, but will be on August, yes, a freshie… and a pretty bit late for my age. :(

    just stay strong and believe that you can do it! :)

    for the shoes, i haven’t really had any Toms, and it’s kinda hard to find the right one for me… and plus, the stores here are faraway… and i don’t have a car to go to malls. :(
    (I like the red one, btw)

  • i really like your taste in shoes. well i’ve been wearing fitflops for almost a year already? hahaha, and i think i need to change my style to flats and doll shoes kind of “shoes” haha. goodluck sa pasukan sis! my class will start on june 14. :D

    • Before, I’m more into Flipflops pero It changed over time. Now, I love doll shoes, espadrilles, oxfords and the like though I want to buy Fitflops :D

      Tama! Goodluck din sayo, mine starts on the 6th na :D

  • wonderful pics, great post .. nice blog! i really like ur banner. btw, i love those silver shoes! =)