Chasing Euphoria

Hello Chasing Euphoria!

Finally, the wait is over and it’s definitely worth the wait because I now have my own domain and website! After 5 years of planning and wishing … It’s really happening! Truth be told that I’m proud of myself because I stood up and fought procrastination.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank my Dad (My #1 supporter and first love yo!) for this awesome gift. Second, Tatie for referring me to the wonderful Hexsolutions. I swear, they have the best packages and affordable rates compared to other sites I’ve seen. Last but not the least, Nikko of Hexsolutions for helping me put up and for answering all my kulit emails. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I know that I should start maintaining my website starting today because this is the REAL deal. A blog and an online portfolio. One thing though, I must improve my time management skills. It’s my last year in college and I know that thesis would suck the life out of me. But, I must keep up and post awesome content for you guys! Anyway, there are more things to be done and I should wrap this up so that I could continue working on my them. Just give me a few days and promise that this’ll be awesome! Bye for now!

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  • Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I’m glad that you’re site’s up and running! If you have any problems, feel free to let me know!

  • Thank you, Sir Nikko. :D

  • Sisa sis! I’m so happy that you have your own domain for your personal site and portfolio! Yes, goodluck with us managing our blogs now. Dapat maging active na tayo uli, at sana yung ibang sisa sisters maisipang magblog like we used to way back… 2000 something. =)) ehehe! linked you already nadin. :***

    • I agree! Dapat talaga maging active na tayo, dami nating namiss sa isa’t isa. Thanks, Sandra!

  • Hello there! My dad gave me moolah to set up my blog, too! :3 Awesome. Linked you and followed you on twitter!

  • Off-topic: Linked yah up :)

    Congrats on the domain. I remember the feeling when I got my first one as well :)

  • YANA!! ngayon ko nalang ulit navisit, sorry busy sa fashweek haha anyway love the look! ganda ng layout! yanang-yana!

    nikko’s really very helpful and patient. haha tutulungan ka nya hanggat masolve ung prob :))

    • No worries. ;-)

      Hindi pa nga tapos eh. Dami pang kulang. Hehe. Oo nga eh, super helpful niya. Thanks talaga sa referral.

  • Hi there! Have linked you too! Good luck with your blog. I hope I’ll have my own domain too :P

  • Secret Admiror

    hello po!! :D